The Printing & Publishing Club

"You think it, We Ink it"

About us

 We specialize in custom publishing and printing services based on our clients professional requests.


Our perfect bound books, magazines and journals are delivered according to industry standard, complete with barcode and ISBN number.


Magazine printing is also offered with a saddle stitch option and in accordance to specific client specifications.  


After our initial consultation, we are prepared to download your file, upload the file to the press and print on demand.


If your file or manuscript is not press ready or formatted, we will format and publish it for you.


Our goal is to make sure your printed document exceeds your expectations and meets ours. 


We currently publish 80% of all work in house with complete authority from the author/client in regards to design, creativity and formatting.


Books, journals and magazines are printed in house using a Canon Image Press or sheet fed press based on quantity and other publishing specifics. 


Specialty  products such as banners, key chains, pens. Etc.. Are printed outside of our facility using one of our trusted partners within the industry. As a registered wholesaler, we can offer fair pricing on customized products printed outside of our office.


Our one on one consultation is free and we always welcome the opportunity to speak with you and offer advice with your current or future projects. Once we begin to publish your project, your input is encouraged and expected.


In cases where the author/client has completed a manuscript with proper formatting and the document is press ready, we will print and deliver your product upon request.